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It's no longer "winter is coming" because winter is already here! As always, getting your car ready for the freezing weather should be your top priority. Here at Robinson Mitsubishi we make sure you have everything you need for the winter. All you need to do is sit back and let us do the job for you.

We have a variety of services ready to get your vehicle ready for below zero from oil changes services, winter tire changes you can trust, battery checks, brake part replacements, all at the best rates in town. Contact us to learn more about our offers and schedule an appointment on your schedule when you're ready!


Oil changes are one of the most important components that protects your engine during winter. Using oil that is too thin or too thick could jeopardize the performance of your engine, like starting the car in the morning. That's why we're here. Our team of experts will make sure you have the right oil for your car. Give us a call for more information or come to our new location.

Winter tires are robust and durable against the harsh weather. They are specially designed to help corner and break at a superior level on slippery roads. To give you a better grip under 7 C, the tires are made from a special rubber that counters aggressively blocks of ice and snow. The right winter tires will help ensure a safe, smooth ride all season. At Robinson Mitsubishi we have a variety of brands of tires ready to roll. Make sure to contact the parts department and see what our limited time offers are on our parts specials page!

Driving your car during car during cold winter can be challenging to your vehicle and to you. Having the top-notch brakes will give you fewer headaches and a smooth, comfortable ride to work. At Robinson Mitsubishi, our experts make sure to inspect everything, including the condition of the brake, the pads and more. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you or request your next appointment in London, Ontario to get ready as soon as possible!

Your battery has a tough job during the cold winter months. Your vehicle requires more power to start when the temperatures are freezing, leaving you late for your doctor's appointment or work. That's why testing the car's electrical system (including the alternator) is a must.  We make sure that your equipment works by testing your charger or other components because you need that full charge throughout the winter especially if you make frequent short drives. We also test cables, fasteners, and posts by cleaning or replacing any damaged parts.

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