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Build Your Credit at the Approval Centre at Robinson Mitsubishi in London, Ontario

The Approval Centre

It's the right time to build your credit and get back into the driver's seat at Robinson Mitsubishi when you visit the new Approval Centre location located on the top floor of the Robinson Mitsubishi dealership

We understand that things happen that you can't control. For over 10 years, The Approval Centre has helped people who have lost their jobs, their homes, their loved ones, people that are new to Canada, and those who have faced difficulties that have impacted their credit. 

Robinson Mitsubishi is dedicated to making sure you can get back on track with your credit and reclaim control of your finances with our dedicated team of professionals. 


The Approval Centre is proud to be partnered with various banks and financing businesses in the London, Ontario area.

Rest assured that you are getting the best service on your new Mitsubishi through The Approval Centre at Robinson Mitsubishi. Our licensed professionals work closely with leading automotive lenders to ensure that you get on the right path toward financial freedom. 


Whether you're building or re-building your credit, The Approval Centre will help you get your credit score to the place that you need it to be to make your next big financial purchase.

Financial institutions and other companies use your credit as an indicator of your ability to pay loans, pay bills, or hold a job. It affects more than just your ability to borrow money. It's more important now than ever to maintain a good credit score.

The Approval Centre and Robinson Mitsubishi want to help you build your credit. Robinson Mitsubishi understands that you don't always have control over your financial situations and if you're new to Canada it is difficult to begin building your credit. 

Find great financing rates for your new vehicle at Robinson Mitsubishi with the help of The Approval Centre that will allow you and your family not only own your own car but start on the path to also own a house!


Robinson Mitsubishi offers exclusive instant trade-in quotes on your vehicle. Get out of your vehicle and into a brand-new Mitsubishi when you receive a trade appraisal from Robinson Mitsubishi and exclusive rates from The Approval Centre.

The Approval Centre
Jesse Fischer Credit Manager at The Approval Center at Robinson Mitsubishi
Jesse Fischer
Credit Manager
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Mark Broadwell Credit Manager at The Approval Center at Robinson Mitsubishi
Mark Broadwell
Credit Manager
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Carla Taylor Operations Assistant at The Approval Center at Robinson Mitsubishi
Carla Taylor
Operations Assistant
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Hani Aldulaimi
The Approval Centre
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