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London is on the way becoming another electric city in Canada and it needs the help of the residents of our great city. We want you to help us become a leader of the electric vehicle revolution one kilometer at a time.

It's more important than ever to work towards reducing your carbon footprint and getting into an electric or electric-hybrid vehicle can make a huge impact.

Robinson Mitsubishi stands behind this push for an electric future and we want to help our customers start saving money and start saving the earth at the same time.

Contact our team today and become a part of the electric future by getting into a brand new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV today.



The city of London, Ontario has many charging stations and is lucky to have 77 charging stations within a 15km radius, and 36% of these charging stations offer free charges for your electric vehicle.

For a resident of London, it is the perfect time to get into an electric vehicle and become a part of the electric future!

2019 PHEV Charging

The Low-Down on Charging Up

Level One - Anywhere, Anytime 

Your home can become the perfect charging station for your new Outlander PHEV. The PHEV can be charged from any regular household outlet. 

Level Two - A Little Extra Juice

Level two charger plugs are 240 volts which will provide you with an even quicker and more powerful charge

Quick Charging - DC Charging

The Outlander PHEV is the only electric vehicle on the market that allows DC quick charging and provides up to 80% of full charge in approximately 30 minutes

Battery Charge Mode

Your PHEV can charge on the go. Simply press the Battery Charge Button and the engine-powered generator will charge your main battery while you drive. 


The Future is Electric

The Outlander PHEV is changing the way people are driving. The PHEV is the future of electric vehicles, with all the benefits of the efficiency of a plug-in and the flexibility of an SUV. Our newest SUV is the perfect middle ground for people who are looking to do their part to save the earth without compromising size and quality.

The PHEV is the only electric vehicle with Super All-Wheel Control. It's perfect for tackling all road conditions and facing the huge challenges of Canadian weather.

Outlander PHEV

Robinson Mitsubishi is proud to be Plug-In Hybrid Certified.

Robinson Mitsubishi can't wait to have the people of London join us in making London a cleaner, more eco-friendly place to live. 

With no shortage of charging stations in the London area, we're excited to promote the Outlander PHEV and all of the new charging stations available. 

2019 Outlander PHEV

Save Big When you Choose the Outlander PHEV

With gas prices constantly rising electric vehicles are becoming more appealing to drivers looking to save money. The Outlander PHEV is the perfect vehicle for you if you're looking to save big

Mitsubishi Motors found a solution to the increasing gas prices and the need to start being more environmentally conscious. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has all the money and world-saving benefits of an electric vehicle without compromises that you'd make in size and quality you'd make with other electric vehicles. 

Get Into Your PHEV Today and See how its Changing Everything

Contact our sales team to schedule your test drive with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV today

We look forward to seeing you join the Electric Future.